Aircraft Purchasing


If you have an aircraft you would like to sell, please contact us at:
(800) 821-7733 or (816) 690-8800 & ask for our purchasing department. 


White Industries only bids aircraft to the registered owner or employee of the owner, the contracted broker for the aircraft, management company for the aircraft, insurance companies, lending institutions, lien holders of records, and legal reps relating to the aircraft.  Bids are no longer given as appraisals or valuations of aircraft due to the large number of request for bids we are receiving.  Bids will usually be submitted within 5 days of receipt of information on the aircraft, and in many instances, can be given on first call.


To assist we suggest you email or fax the equipment or avionics, aircraft location, and additional information on the aircraft to: Fax: (816) 625-8292 or email (Piston aircraft) (Turbo-Prop & Turbine)