Advise our avionics sales dept by: email:  avionics@whiteindustries.com

for our inventory file with prices which is emailed the 1st of each month with approximately 12,000 items in avionics inventory.


Please advise avionics of your choice of PDF or Excel format if you choose to be on our monthly email of this information.


In order to receive an inventory file we must have verification that you are an aviation facility.



Avionics Sales

Local: (816) 690-8800
Toll Free: (800) 821-7733
Fax (816) 625-8292



Avionics sales are not sold to the general public due to our return policy. Any aviation business of any aviation task is qualified to purchase avionics.   Avionics are offered in an AR "as removed" condition.  They are assumed to work, but are not tested and can be returned if inoperative.  Return must be made by sending avionics part for return to White Industries with any freight carrier WITHIN 10 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF THE AVIONICS PART freight prepaid.  Unit can be tested in any manner whatsoever but cannot be taken apart or have panels opened up.


Our 10 day return policy is strictly enforced.




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